Wearable Experiments

Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist

This recent collaboration with Wearable Experiments originally called for 4 spots, but the final delivery actually included a bonus fifth edit. The idea was to slowly introduce their new product, Nadi X, over time to their following. Nadi X is activated clothing for yoga and meditation. Shot over the course of a single week in locations spanning Los Angeles to New York City, we combined my drone with a handheld aesthetic to give each piece momentum and energy.

“Aspiration” — Inspirational footage shot all over the Los Angeles area showcases the attire in its finest locations.

“Introduction” — The same sequence shot in a variety of locations, complimented by text.

“Day in the Life” — An exploration of a typical day in the life of a yogi wearing Nadi X, shot in New York City.

“Animated Product Showcase” — An animated video designed to explain where and how the attire actually works.

“Behind the Scenes Teaser” — Designed as a teaser for the release of the other 4 videos in the campaign.

Planned Parenthood Northern California

Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, Animator

I am both grateful and humbled to have been able to support this amazing organization. I shot, edited, colored, and animated a series of three personal interviews with real PPNorCal patients, as well as contributed footage and animation for the Showcase piece edited by director Christine Ren.

“Showcase” — Features a variety of folks discussing what PPNorCal is and what it has meant to them personally in their lives.

“Grace” — Grace shares a surprising story about what birth control has meant for the quality of her life.

“Toni” — Toni shares the intimate story of his transition from female to male, and how PPNorCal helped along the way.

“Debbie” — Debbie shares some insightful abortion statistics and a personal story about her own.


Producer, Director, Director of Photography

Getting to support one of my favorite industry brands was a real treat. We produced the following campaign to highlight a myriad of new product announcements for the brand. A sleek and industrial style was evoked that gives a nod to the industry.

Designer Pages

Director, Animator

Produced as an on-going series campaign for Designer Pages, these animated shorts are designed to showcase the continually evolving feature platform of their web application, “Designer Pages PRO” using easy-to-follow animated characters and enhanced screencasts.


Director of Photography

Together with a small team, we pitched and produced this campaign to Dell Computers during a launch of one of their new laptops. The idea was to inject a sense of humor into the brand using a comical host, the classic IT guy with a twist.

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