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Lighting the set of “Strangetown, USA”

Strangetown, USA, a collaboration of 100+ Oakland artists, took 4 months of prep, a week of build, and two days to shoot. It is striking political commentary, wrapped up in a music video for local artist Pancho Morris. This is an identical post to the one on Strangetown’s website, relayed in full. It is accurately credited that this music video was inspired by the Great Again L.P. album ...


A graduate of Chapman University’s Film Production program and the city of Los Angeles, I am a freelance filmmaker with a knack for: painting with light, dancing with lens, and sculpting with story.

I’ve worked with dozens of companies on hundreds of productions over the past decade.

Story first, bottom line.


+ Cinematographer.
+ Producer. Creative Director.
+ Editor. Animator. Colorist.
+ Web & Graphic Designer.


  • Leading a Post-Production Editorial Team at Glass & Marker.
  • Celebrating the release of the music video for “Strangetown USA“, a collaboration of over 100 local artists.
  • Wrapping up another campaign on water conservation for Cal Water.
  • Producing the only comedy series about furniture, Lunch & Learn.


[email protected]

Most folx know me as Ready.
It’s my preferred, gifted, nickname.

Let’s get coffee. Currently available for freelance hire. Two days from anywhere.

Owner/operator of a complete 4K cinema package. Rental details on the equipment list.