Produced in association with Friends n’ Allies
Directed by Richard Reininger

A follow-up piece for new Lumos helmet launches (“Matrix” / “Street”). Richard and I decided it’d be fun to film bicycles at night riding around Lake Merritt in Oakland. To accomplish this, we brought in stunt driver and set photographer Whitney Freedman to operate my Vespa scooter as our lead camera car. Attached to the rear of the scooter was an isolator rig and my DJI Ronin-S, Nucleus-N remote follow focus, and Teradek wireless transmitter. Big thanks to Clay Kerri over at Bulldog Lighting for getting us rigged up for this one! Our PA drove my 4Runner, with our 1st AC Michael Jarret in shotgun, keeping us sharp. In the back row, Richard and client flanked me on either side while I operated the camera’s orientation remotely. In the trunk were the wireless receivers and a run bag of camera goodies and lenses. The rig worked out flawlessly, and we shot all evening up until sunrise.