Seismic • Brand Teaser

Director of Photography

Directed by Richard Reininger

Richard and I continue our commercial collaborations with this brand teaser for Seismic. The piece screened to a wide audience as their company was featured at TechCrunch’s annual conference.



A graduate of Chapman University’s film production program, and of the city of Los Angeles, Adam J. Richman (a.k.a. “Ready”) is a freelance filmmaker with a knack for: painting with light, dancing with lens, and sculpting with story.

He has worked with dozens of companies on hundreds of productions over the past decade, and has secured more than $2.5M in crowdfunding for brands in this year alone.


+ Cinematographer.
+ Producer. Creative Director.
+ Editor. Animator. Colorist.
+ Web & Graphic Designer.


  • Releasing the music video for “Strangetown USA“, a collaboration of over 100 local artists.
  • Premiering “I’m Just Here” at Outfest in Los Angeles, a film about suicide hotlines and being queer.
  • Awaiting the release of a cinematic novella by Matthew Alcorn.
  • Producing the only comedy series about furniture, Lunch & Learn.


+1 310.997.2284

Available for freelance hire. Two days from anywhere. Works ‘as a local’ in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Owner/operator of a complete 4K cinema package. Rental details on the equipment list.

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